What It Really Feels Like Trying to Get Your Kids to Try New Food

Parnell (Admin) Maret Jul 9,2015 Comments(2) Likes(4) Parenting

What It Really Feels Like Trying to Get Your Kids to Try New Food

It's a battle every mom must face: getting their tot to try a new food. Everyone goes in with a different strategy. Some put on a positive face and promise their child that "they'll really like it." Others offer bribes in the form of extra dessert or a new toy. Kids, however, put up a bitter fight when it's time to taste a foreign food, and most moms end up losing the first few rounds. Whether it's something as simple as a vegetable or a whole new cuisine, here's what you will face when getting your child to try something new.

You decide it's time for your child to try some new foods.

Your friends warn you, but you say you'll be fine.

You soon realize that you were very wrong.

Your child immediately puts up a fight.

You tell them to try just one bite.

They make a disgusted face.

They scream and cry.

They spit it out.

But you keep trying.
You even resort to bribes.
You feel defeated but want to try one last time.
They take a bite, and they love it!


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