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Kayaking with Kids


Kayaking is a great outdoor activity. It's a good way to try something new with you kids. At the same time that your kids are exploring something new, they'll appreciate nature as your travel through trails on calm waters. I remember the day I decided to try something new with Kezia. I told her "babe we're going kayaking." She was very excited. We went to a local national park nearby called OLETA RIVER PARK. We met with a couple of instructors who taught us the basics of kayaking.


Water Safety While Kayaking

No matter what the age of the child you are going to teach to kayak, the most important concern should be their safety. Child water safety must be a priority. Make sure your child is dressed for maximum water safety before getting near the water. This way there are no accidents or mishaps that you’ll regret later. Your child should be wearing a properly fitted pfd, securely fastened closed toe sandals or water shoes, and sun block. Also, be sure that you double check that all buckles and overall fit.


Teach Kids Their First Kayak Lesson On Land

It may seem strange to teach kids to kayak while still on land but it is very important. The first kayaking lesson should always take place before you get into the water. For younger kids, this will serve to get them comfortable and prepare them for what they are about to experience. For older kids and teens, this helps to maintain their attention while you still can. Have the child sit in the kayak on land and explain the basics about how it feels to be in a kayak. This is a technique used with adults because they are often concerned with flipping over. Sitting in the kayak while on land helps alleviate that fear. In addition, teach older children who will be paddling on their own, how to hold the paddle and the basics of the forward stroke before they get into the water.





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