How To Cope With Loneliness After Divorce

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How To Cope With Loneliness After Divorce

What most people remember after their divorce is an overwhelming sense of loneliness. The sadness is crushing and saps the soul. Even parenting duties transform from loving activities to chores to be completed.

To put in pop culture perspective, you will feel like Batman (without the mansion, batmobile and of course the deep bank account). It could be more challenging as the event could be clubbed with other adverse happening at the same time (like losing your job). You will spend your days and nights like a zombie. To top it all, you may start thinking that you are not being a good dad to your daughter.

What you will feel the most will be loneliness. It would be a wall around you. You will know what it feels like to be in Hades, the classical hell in Greek. You may take a few months to reorganize and feel a better.


Practicing yoga will make you calm and more importantly, capable. You will feel more powerful after every yoga session. It has one side effect though - you may now turn a passionate fan of the practice! If not yoga, you can try any exercise that makes you feel better about yourself and distracts your mind too.

Write your feelings

You can literally write the pain of loneliness away. Write on the trauma you are facing after separation. You can write letters to your family and friends as well as. The moment you write something down, you push a small part of your loneliness away from your brain. The process is also therapeutic. When you write, you literally put a smile on your face.

You should go on dates with yourself. Go out of your home and drink coffee, tea or any other beverage of your choice. It will make you feel good. Spend time with nature or take up a new hobby or learn something you always wanted to.



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Parnell Maret 6 Dec - 03:42

Great advice! ?? I remember experiencing the same pain of "loneliness" after my divorce. Definitely, exercising, going out, bonding with other men and family, spending time K├ęzia (my daughter), and serving in church helped me cope with life after divirce.

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