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How to inspire kids to do their best

The Power of Positive Thinking for Inspiring Kids to Do Their Best

When kids go out into the world they take with them the habits learned in school, at home, and by watching others. They also bring with them the attitudes they’ve acquired. These attitudes can be positive or negative, depending on what they are exposed to. While we can’t control their thoughts (and as they grow into teens we wonder what planet they came from) but we can inspire our children always to do their best and stay positive. Here are a few ideas to cultivate perseverance in young people:

  1. Be open and encouraging- Kids respond well to encouraging words and behavior, especially from those they look up to. If you’re open about your struggles and how you work to overcome them, kids will follow your lead.

  2. Lead by example- If you’re giving 100%, even to things you may not enjoy (like chores), kids will see the importance of putting an effort in to get rewards out.

  3. Stay Positive - Speaking positively is important, especially when you’ve experienced a setback. If you have a crummy day at work, it’s okay to share that with your child. You could say, “even though today wasn’t the best day at work, I know that tomorrow will be better.” By encouraging them to see a positive future, you’re helping them practice optimism.

  4. Post Inspirational messages- Affirmations are a good reminder to hang on to a positive mindset. You can post inspirational quotes in places kids will see them to start and end their day on a positive note.

  5. Recognize setbacks with positivity- If your child experiences a setback, validate it and then try to get them to recognize a positive element of the situation. This helps them to strengthen their optimism muscle.

  6. Teach through play – Studies show that play keeps kids happy. If your child is feeling lethargic or uninspired about a project at school, why not make a game of it?

  7. Reward positive behavior. Use a chart or calendar that kids can see everyday, and recognize and reward good behavior with stickers or treats. After all, who doesn’t love stickers?

Doing our best isn’t always easy but as parents, it’s our job to encourage our kids to give their best effort to see the rewards. Come up with your own ideas and watch your kids “make lemonade from the lemons” of life! With a bit of ingenuity and the power of positive thinking, we can inspire our kids to do their best.




Paterson Thomas 7 Mar - 03:42

Same here, I'm an inspiring father too. I heard it's not easy to get kids to homework

Patrick Chukwurah 5 Mar - 01:57

Good to know... I'm an inspiring father and happy to know this tips

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