Creative Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Kid’s Day

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Creative Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Kid’s Day


The benefits of exercise are many.  Starting kids out with good health means encouraging them to get moving. Studies show that kids who exercise are stronger, have more muscle mass and stronger bones, are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, have lower blood pressure, and are overall leaner.  Kids who are active also sleep better, get better grades and deal more positively with emotional and social challenges. The jury is out on whether exercise helps kids do more chores, but it does give them the energy to get through the school day.


So how can we work exercise into our kids’ busy routines? Here are some fun ways to sneak exercise into your kids’ day:


  1. Choose fun activities that don’t seem like traditional exercise. For example, walking the dog, going for a bike ride, or taking a family walk after dinner are all good ideas to get everyone moving. Plus, these add quality family time, and that’s a win-win for everyone.


  1. Keep track of movement using a chart showing how much everyone is moving throughout the week (similar to a chores chart with reward stickers). At the end of the specific time period (week or month) whoever moved the most gets a non-food reward. Then, start over the next month and watch the progress.


  1. Have a dance party!  Why not dance to fun and fast music instead of watching TV or playing video games? Or, play another active game that involves moving as much as possible. Even tossing pillows and jumping on the bed is exercise (supervised, of course). 


  1. Play active video games. If your kids earn video gaming time, choose active games where they stand and “play” the sport in the video game. Be sure to limit the time on the video games (you want a turn too, right?).


  1. Get the house clean. Assign active chores such as raking leaves, sweeping, vacuuming, or anything that gets them moving.  You can also create a game to see who can move the fastest doing the chores. Get the heart pumping and have some fun!


  1. Get creative – if the weather isn’t optimal for outdoor activities, find a swimming pool at the local YMCA or see if you can get free passes for the gym pool.  Swim laps together, shoot hoops, do anything you can to get moving as a family. 


These are just some ideas how you can sneak exercise into your kid’s routine and spend quality time with them.  Oh, and the added benefit of them sleeping better will give you some much-needed downtime, not to mention a quiet house.


BY Patrick Chukwurah



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Parnell Maret 9 Mar - 12:20

Hey Chuck. I like those creative ways... lol

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