Fun and Affordable Father-Son Activities That Won’t Break the Bank

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Fun and Affordable Father-Son Activities That Won’t Break the Bank


The kinship between a father and son is an essential element of a boy’s childhood. The time a son spends with this first role model is a crucial part of his development from a boy into a man (and hopefully into a self-assured productive member of society). So how does a single father spend time with his son when he’s on a budget? If you’re looking for something fun to do with your son that will forge a lifelong bond but won’t break the bank, consider these affordable ideas:


  • Fishing – Ah yes, the big catch. If you don’t own fishing rods, you can borrow some from a friend or neighbor, or rent them from a local sporting goods store. Sitting in the fresh air is a super way to connect with your son and at the end of the day you will already have dinner! 


  • Playing Catch - There's something therapeutic about this traditional pastime involving a ball and a glove. This universal hobby is as fun as hypnotic. Why not throw the ball around in the yard and strike up a conversation? 


  • Camping – Grab the tents and some camping gear and go outside! What better way to connect with your son than around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and swapping stories.


  • Watching Sports – Enjoying a live sporting event doesn’t have to be expensive. Some minor league teams offer free exhibition games, and most local colleges offer tickets at a reduced price for students or residents.  Choose your favorite sport and enjoy!  


  • Working with Your Hands - Building something together is easy with scrap or recycled materials. Whether it’s working on the family automobile or creating something out of wood or metal, all you need is a tool box and your ingenuity.


  • How about a Barbie? Nothing says father-son time like learning to barbecue on an open flame. Head to the market and choose some choice cuts on sale or use what's in the freezer. Or, if you got lucky at fishing, grill up the day's catch! 


There are many ways to spend time with your son without spending a lot of money.  With a bit of creativity, you will come up with ideas for activities to connect and have fun together. The most important thing to remember is that it's the time spent together that matters, not the activity.


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