Children and Cooking – The Benefits of Kids with Culinary Expression

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Children and Cooking – The Benefits of Kids with Culinary Expression

We humans love to eat. Since the early days of the caveman, food has been an integral part of our socialization, family life, and overall culture. While many think that cooking with kids can be time consuming or dangerous due to the potential risks of kids near hot kitchen appliances, there are a wide variety of delicious recipes, meals and snack that can be made without the use of dangerous cooking equipment. Also, with parental supervision, kids can go into the kitchen and come out with a dirty apron and a host of fabulous life skills and experience. Other than raising the next Top Chef, there are many benefits of cooking with your kids.

1. Food Appreciation. Kids that partake in the preparation and are exposed to different types of foods enjoy a wider variety of foods as adults.

2. Creativity. Children who spend time in the kitchen making executive decisions and solving practical problems learn to be creative. If there's a recipe that calls for an ingredient you don't have, why not have the kids brainstorm for an alternate item that will work with the recipe?

3. Embrace change. Cooking can teach kids how to accept change. When working in the kitchen, children will learn about how heat versus cold can change an item, the difference between a solid and a liquid and how sometimes a recipe may not turn out as one expected.

4. World travel. A child who learns about foods from other cultures can explore the world from their home kitchen. Discussing how others prepare their foods and trying new dishes from around the globe encourages a love of exploration and maybe travel.

5. Life Skills development. Cooking inspires children to practice problem-solving skills and teamwork. Why not switch up the recipe and see what the kids can create? It's even fun to split the kids into teams and play a game to see who can come up with a new recipe.

6. Family bonding. When enjoying preparing foods with siblings and family members, kids can learn about family traditions and form unique family bonds.

7. Self Confidence. As a child realizes they're taking part and making a contribution to what is typically an adult task, they will build self-confidence and enhance self-esteem.

8. Healthy Eating. When a child sees various colors and is exposed to a wide variety of foods, they will improve their diet and may be more likely to try food they wouldn't otherwise eat.

9. Math practice. Using recipes requires one to read, prepare and formulate a plan. Also, kids learn math concepts as they measure, strategize and manage their time.

10. Inspire Imagination. Having fun in the kitchen encourages a child to use their imagination and urges self-expression. When a child is praised for experimenting in the kitchen, they will be more creative in other parts of life.

While there can be some downsides to cooking with kids such as the potential for a mess, quarrels about cleaning the dishes, and taking the time for cooking class, the rewards of cooking with kids far outweigh any downside. When parents make the effort to teach their children how to cook, they're learning life lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime. The biggest benefit is that the kids find out how to make the family meal!



Vishakha S 1 Jun - 12:25

Best one

Sarit Levy 20 May - 11:27

Anyone know of local cooking classes in the area for kids? Would love to take the kids to learn somethjng unique.

DADDY KNOWS TOO . 18 May - 08:04

Healthy eating is the way to go...

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Great read! \o/

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