How To Groom Your Child for Success *Part 2*

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How To Groom Your Child for Success *Part 2*

Parenting can be both exciting and frustrating all at the same time, never lacking for a teachable moment. Children learn through how they live in their daily lives.  Motivating your child to achieve their goals through learning styles will help them to persevere when the goal appears to be tough. The lessons will not be lost but firmly grasped and placed into practice. 


The diagram above can familiarize you with the different styles. Once you discover your child’s style you can choose an activity to help prepare them for everyday life. It is important that children be allowed to enjoy their childhood, although as a child it is rare to be taught how to become a successful adult.


Teaching your children time management skills and how to budget money as well as finances will overflow into their young adult life as well into their adulthood. Monopoly is a board game that is often used for this, although it can become a very boring game. A better option is to create a game for your home, using fake money and chores. For example, if your child has a phone they can then use the pretend money to ‘pay’ for their monthly bill by earning fake money by doing their chores. Creating a schedule will help them learn time management skills, turning this into a game will take effort on both the parents and the childs part. Keep track of their schedule and when they achieve the goal they receive reward points. These points can be redeemed for anything you set for them. Just like an adult would have a paid vacation, so would they with the right amount of reward points.


This life game can include charts for your visual learners. Including spoken and written agreements for your verbal learners.  Plan workshops on budgeting using video tutorials for your auditory learners. Create and utilize fake money for your kinesthetic learners. The fake money math and time management are right up the logical learners ally. This will require social interaction with you the parent and siblings if they have any, which will embed the lesson. Throughout this life game, there are opportunities for a child to reflect, this is beneficial for the solitary learners. With all the elements involved in this life game, it caters to even the combination learners.


This game allows an open line of communication between the parent and child. Allowing for closeness even with the limited time parents and children have with the current day busyness.



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