Having Fun While Getting Everyday Chores Done

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Having Fun While Getting Everyday Chores Done

Doing chores is a natural part of life and not always everyone’s first choice of activities. Let’s face it, sometimes we would rather watch television or go outside rather than get the daily chores accomplished. However, since our kids learn by watching us, it’s important to teach them that daily chores are something we do as a matter of course and they don’t’ have to be completely boring or take forever.

Here are few tips to make the daily chores fun and get some much needed help around the house: 

Play a Game. Make chores more fun by creating a game to go along with the specific chore. For example, if you’re putting toys away, why not keep score to see who can put them away in the appropriate spot? Or, you could make a scavenger hunt assigning secret points to certain items and seeing who can find them in the house? Then, when they get put back, points are earned. The reward for the winner can be as simple as a hug or an ice cream treat.


Get Dramatic. Create sock puppets to help you dust, or let the broom serve as the flying machine while you pretend the floor is hot lava. Use your imagination and take the focus off the ‘work’ and imagine the ordinary tasks and cleaning tools are vouchers to entrance in a far off land.


Speed Clean. Make cleaning up a race by setting a timer. See who can complete each task the quickest, or for added fun, the slowest. You can also create an obstacle course of ‘stuff’ or chores and see who can get through the course the quickest.


Use Your Outside Voice. Everything can be a song so why not create lyrics to accompany each chore and have a sing-a-long while you work? You can keep track of how many chores can be accomplished during each song and have fun seeing what words rhyme with vacuum.


Give Rewards. While allowance works for older children, younger kids are happy with accolades and recognition from those they love. Keep a chore charts on the fridge and keep track of who gets theirs done using fun stickers or gold stars. Be sure to compliment your children for a job well done.


Chores don’t have to be difficult or boring. With a bit of creativity, you can get the daily tasks completed, get the house in order and bond with your children at the same time.




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