Learning a Second Language - The Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child

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Learning a Second Language - The Benefits of Raising a Bilingual Child

Many adults can attest to the fact that when you speak more than one language, you have a wider world view and a broader perception of cultures. Of course, it’s also widely known that those who speak more than one language become more popular in college because they are the only ones on the spring break trip abroad who can converse with the locals about the best hotspots in town.

Being bilingual may give a child a distinct advantage and even boost their intelligence. Studies have shown that the benefits of learning a second language can include improved cognitive abilities and defense against diseases like dementia. Learning a second language may also give kids these skills:

  • The ability to easily learn new words in their native tongue
  • The ability to utilize information in different ways
  • Being a better problem solver
  • Increased listening skills
  • Higher learning aptitude
  • Forming better social connections
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Increased social skills
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • The effects of learning another language extend past childhood. In fact, a recent study found that elderly people who are bilingual were better than others at resisting diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Researchers found that the higher the degree of bilingualism, the later the onset of the disease.

Most children have an easier time learning a second language than adults since their developing brains are more pliable. There are many ways to teach your child a second language. For example, you can read to children when they are quite young and introduce them to a language other than their native tongue with each bedtime story. Playing games is another way to teach children a second language, using rhyming games or word games to introduce new words and concepts. Of course, speaking the language to the child daily is a wonderful way to immerse them into a new world of communication.

While it may take some effort to teach your child a second language, the sooner you begin, the better. The impact of being bilingual will assist them in school, help them fare better socially, and even help them ward off neurological diseases.

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