Advice If You Don't Live With Your Children

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Advice If You Don't Live With Your Children

Becoming a separated dad or mum when you’ve been a full-time parent isn’t easy. Trying to adapt from being with them all the time, to limited visits maybe once or twice a week – or even less in some cases – can be heart breaking, for you and for them.

It’s at times like this that talking to other parents, or to someone impartial outside your situation, is so important. Jacques Pienaar is the father of a seven-year-old boy. He separated from his son’s mother when their son was two. Until recently he had been denied access to contact or see his son, and had to go to court in order to be granted a contact order.

“Coping with not seeing my son was very difficult. I’d been involved in his life since the day he was born, and the longest that I had previously gone without seeing him was 2 weeks. It was devastating, I was constantly on the edge of tears.” Since then, Jacques has been awarded with an interim contact order, and the communication between him and his son has improved considerably.

Dominic Wake does not get to see his daughters often, and contact is gradually decreasing. Now that the girls are more grown up (they’re 11 and 14) he feels like he is needed less and less as they become more independent. He said: "When I’m separated from the kids, I try not to think about them. I feel very sad and also angry. I need to see them more and be a part of their life again."

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