How to Make Sure Your Children Become More Successful Than You

Kelvin (admin) Deleveaux Nov 1,2016 Comments(2) Likes(1) Parenting

How to Make Sure Your Children Become More Successful Than You

The secret to raising kids who will thrive? Focus on individual character strengths, happiness and well-being just as much as intelligence.

Like many parents, financial adviser Dennis Ryan has two daughters with starkly different personalities. Emma, 18, is introverted and intellectual, and she hated competitive sports as a young child. “She was the kid in left field with the glove on her head picking dandelions,” he says. Annie, 15, is the polar opposite: She’s incredibly social, a leader among her friends and always glued to her cellphone. “She never wants to miss a single text or Instagram post,” Ryan says. 

He has paid close attention to his daughters’ contrasting personalities as they’ve grown older. He inspired Emma to participate in the Latin club and charity work, while he encouraged Annie to take advantage of what he calls her “gift of gab” by using her popularity to be a positive leader among her friends.

Ryan’s parenting style is a prime example of what Lea Waters, Ph.D., head of the Positive Psychology Centre at the University of Melbourne, calls strength-based parenting: an approach to parenting in which “parents place more of their focus and energy on the strengths, talents and positive qualities of their children, as compared to focusing their time and energy on fixing the faults, flaws and weaknesses in their kids.” READ MORE




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